Love Your Learning Platform: 5 Ways to Rekindle the Moodle LMS Relationship

Call us at or outside North America or email us. For our customers who purchase a large workgroup or corporate subscription to QualityTrainingPortal we offer a seamless login option to connect to their corporate LMS. So for all practical purposes learners are linked directly to our courses. When your learners have finished their training session, they exit the course and are brought back to your LMS. While this approach may be different than what most e-learning vendors offer, once our customers see how well it works, some have actually asked us to work with their other suppliers to help them set their courses up in the exact same way. Learner Login. We can integrate our courses with your LMS! The QualityTrainingPortal. Because we have developed the system, it gives us tremendous flexibility in integrating with other LMSs. When it comes to customer service, we practice what we preach!

What Is SCORM?

I’ve built several courses in Articulate Storyline and have received many issues from my client with the courses in their LMS; Saba. I’ve tested the courses in Scorm Cloud and I could recreate a few issues regarding the bookmarking. Since it’s all automatically created by Storyline and I don’t have many possibilities within the program to manage it, I don’t really know what to do at this point.

Basically the whole general idea of what a bookmark is and what it is suppose to do, does not work. I’ve completed several cases in my course, I store this information in a few variables.

an agile learning management system (LMS) to have any chance of meeting As the go-live date approaches, these organizations typically have a A course can include anything that gets your message across: videos.

Michigan Virtual has been in the online education space for two decades. EdSurge spoke with Dirkin about how an LMS can make professional learning more affordable and personalized and keep master teachers engaged—as well as what professional learning might look like in the future. Hint: Think AI. Ken Dirkin: The role of the LMS in professional learning is essentially the same as it is for student learning.

One key difference: an LMS used for professional learning gives teachers a chance to practice in the same environments their students use. We offer over professional learning courses that you can take anywhere, anytime. I joke that we do macro and micro personalization.

Improve the engagement of your learners

Sales training is the key to success for companies across the globe, and for good reason — your sales teams are on the front lines every day, competing for business against your rivals. Not only is winning the best feeling, but you have to win consistently to make sure your company maintains its competitive edge and established trust. So, how do you do this, you ask? Training your sales team using a top-notch Learning Management System LMS provides the opportunity to increase their product knowledge, share that knowledge with each other, maintain healthy levels of competition, and allow admins to conduct regular performance assessments.

Sales training is your bread and butter for hitting attainment and revenue goals for the quarter can you say bon-appetit?

Now here’s your “Last Chance” reminder that there are several things happening The rain date is Thursday, June 21, same time and same place, according to.

Explore our insights about lecture-based learning and discover why our innovative virtual events services and content management solutions are powerful assets for any organization. Written by Jocelyn Fielding. We must be kidding, right? Well, yes and no! There is a good chance you have some white papers available on your website. Or maybe blog posts that could be updated and turned into whi te papers. Instead of leaving these on your regular website, move any educational white papers over to your LMS.

Look into pricing for getting sessions recorded at your next one. You can decide to record the entire conference with videos of the presenters; or save some money and only record audio and slides or a portion of the conference. You can also wrap things like pre- and post-tests, evaluations, and certificates around live webinars.

Then, once the webinar is complete you have an on-demand presentation or course at your fingertips!

8 LMS Features You Need For Compliance Training

Fortunately, you can access these cloud drives and files directly from your Flagship LMS, so you don’t need to recreate anything. We are fully integrated, so all you have to do is search for the files you want, import them, and just like that your learners have access to up-to-the-minute information. No muss, no fuss.

It passes these tokens from an identity provider to the learning management system using an established trust relationship. First, it completely eliminates the need for passwords.

An LMS can support your training and development goals immensely. that will ensure your employees’ skill enhancement, offer a chance for them product features or simply help keep them up-to-date with new trends, etc.

Masterstudy allows you to create courses step by step. We gained experience from the most popular eLearning website templates and made a universal recipe for the ideal learning management system. The full package of LMS plugin and education theme will let you build a great eLearning platform. Masterstudy provides awesome features for creating online courses and lessons. Clear and agile usabilities of online education WordPress theme will make you feel like a professional IT specialist.

We guarantee you an exceptional experience.

Learning Tracks in iSpring Learn LMS and How to Set Them Up

Reporting is essential, so if it’s difficult to get this information it makes it next to impossible to know what is working and what is not in your training programs. Before purchasing an LMS, be sure that critical data for reporting is easy and accessible. During the LMS selection process, keep these features top of mind while exploring additional requirements.

The Selection Process.

is kept up to date across your LMS and Workday. Get the chance to experience the functionalities of this alliance between Workday and.

Every relationship passes through different stages from first meeting to real, lasting love. Your relationship with your organization’s Learning Management System is no different. On this Valentine’s Day, instead of plying you with sweet treats that may inspire a strong initial attraction that will fizzle out over time, we want to walk you through the 4 stages of truly falling in love with your LMS, and making sure your learners do the same. For many people, love begins with lust. Think of “love at first sight”, where you are sitting in the conference room watching a series of LMS demos during your RFP process, and one comes along with a user interface that is just so “pretty” that it catches your eye, and you have just fallen in love at first sight.

For some others, they see past the shallow depths of the pretty interface, and are mesmerized by the intelligence and ingenuity of the inner working of the LMS platform as they watch different workflows unfold and they get to know the capabilities of the new LMS. Falling in love is a wonderful process. Whether you have been looking for the “right one” for some time, or whether you have a chance meeting at an industry expo hall that changes your perspective, the initial stage of falling in love is the same for many people.

We project all our hopes and dreams on our significant other, imagining and hoping that they will fulfill our desires. In the case of your LMS, this is where your wishlist of features and requirements forms the basis of both your search and your initial impression of the new system.


Whether you have new or returning Admins, or other users with elevated permissions, our Certified Administrator training will help you and your team to get the most of our your account. Last year our training courses were updated based on the latest e-learning best practices and feature:. Finally, select the Columns you want to see displayed in the final report.

You stand a much better chance of being successful if you follow best practices Plan to Launch Your LMS, is the last eBook in a series that should area so we can ensure our employees have the most up-to-date information at all times. 3.

By signing in with LinkedIn, you’re agreeing to create an account at elearningindustry. Learn more about how we use LinkedIn. We use LinkedIn to ensure that our users are real professionals who contribute and share reliable content. When you sign in with LinkedIn, you are granting elearningindustry. We also use this access to retrieve the following information:. Corporate compliance training is one of the most challenging types of training. Compliance training is necessary as much as it is challenging, though.

Delivering compliance training online can help create courses your employees will actually learn from and enjoy. Compliance training occasionally deals with serious topics.

Leveraging Your Intranet For Employee Training (LMS Alternatives)

One of the most important things in any software system is usability—how easy is it to use. When considering user experience and usability, remember to think of it from two different perspectives:. Obviously, this is even more critical in compliance-based training, including training for occupational safety and health.

When investigating an LMS for your workplace, be sure to look at the reports and ask the following questions:. Look into whether the learning management system has a way to integrate with, and exchange data with, other software applications. Why would you want these systems to communicate?

This feature idea would not solve the problem that my faculty member is having; both show and hide date selectors are needed. Thanks! Monica.

Chances are you may be having challenges with employee training, onboarding, or overall knowledge sharing. One thought is to seek out a learning management software LMS , or use what you have. With our intranet software, you can handle some aspects provided by LMS software. In this article, we’ll cover what elements can be used to facilitate online learning. To start, having a Site as the core place for employees to find all online learning-related content should have a home.

The best place to do this is to create a site to host this information. One of the key components that an LMS can do well is being able to track the progress of an individual. While our software is unable to show all completed sections across multiple apps, one aspect can be handled through an online form. One way to handle the progress is to have a separate form with links to the forms they need to complete, each field should be a link address field that can help track the individuals submitted responses to tests, surveys, etc.

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